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Several Elements of Chinese Product Packaging Design

duhui 2022-02-10

Several Elements of Chinese Product Packaging Design:


Several Elements of Chinese Product Packaging


The average consumer may think he or she shops based on practicality and logic, but usually, that is not the case. A lot of subconscious work goes into the average consumer’s choice of a product when presented with choices on a store shelf or an e-commerce page, and these choices may be made in a split second, even when people tell themselves they are “browsing.”


People can select products subconsciously, in only a fraction of a second. 


effective packaging design understands consumers and allows them to satisfy themselves that they are making a rational decision, while still appealing to emotion, culture, and preferences. It is a lot to ask from simple packaging design, but brands know that design can mean the difference between a successful product and one that languishes on the shelf. 


The following are a few basic elements of product packaging design.


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It Must Call Attention to Itself


Packaging design does not necessarily have to shout the loudest from the shelf, but it must stand out by communicating the very essence of the product’s unique selling proposition. Shapes, colors, orientations, and textures all play a role. Even brands that pride themselves on understated or elegant packaging designs often make those designs so that they are different from others, and may stand out because of their understated or elegant nature.


It Must Make the Brand and Purpose Clear


Even the most generic budget brands make their product and purpose clear, or else nobody will buy them because nobody will know what they are. While the budget brand may simply state “Tomato Sauce,” other brands must make that clear as a baseline for all other packaging design considerations. People will not buy a product if they do not know what it is and what it does.


It Should Awaken Emotions


Emotions are closely linked to memories, and brand packaging designs that provoke emotions are more memorable than those that do not. Precisely what those emotions are may vary. Some brands may appeal to consumers’ sense of nostalgia, joy, or aspiration, for example. Marketing that plucks at people’s emotions is more effective than marketing that simply touts features and benefits. That is because the emotional parts of the brain are key to forming long-term memories.


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