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Comparison of blister packaging and carton packaging

duhui 2022-01-21

About Food packaging :


Comparison of blister packaging and carton packaging


The rapid development of the commodity market has resulted in a variety of packaging being displayed on the market, of which blister packaging and carton packaging were once the two main directions for consumers to choose. So what are the spring and autumn of these two kinds of packaging? Here we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the two from a few obvious entry points:


Food packaging

1. In terms of cost value: all items that use blister packaging are high-grade items, giving people a sense of quality and value, which is a better choice for sales packaging. Compared with plastic packaging, paper product packaging is relatively bland, and the shape breakthrough is small.


2. In terms of material performance: the biggest disadvantage of carton packaging is poor waterproofness, which is precisely the advantage of plastic packaging based on blister packaging. In addition, the blister packaging is not easy to deform, and the blister shape can be made according to the shape of the product, which can effectively ensure that the product is not damaged. To expand the market, the quality of transportation becomes an important indicator. The anti-vibration, waterproof and anti-mildew functions of plastic here greatly enhance the integrity of the product, and it is the preferred packaging for electronic products, fragile products, and high-end durable goods.


3. Environmental performance: waste blister packaging boxes are easy to preserve and have a high recycling rate; studies have shown that papermaking is more responsible for resource consumption and environmental pollution than the production of plastic products. And paper product packaging consumes a lot of wood, which is not a wise move in terms of the entire sustainable development trend. Choose blister packaging or carton packaging, the benevolent sees the benevolent and the wise sees the wisdom.

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