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Why Product Packaging Matters

duhui 2022-01-20

About Product packaging :


Why Product Packaging Matters


1. Product packaging is the consumer's visual experience of the product, the direct and main transmitter of the product's personality, and the direct expression of the corporate image positioning. Good packaging design is one of the important means for enterprises to create profits. Product packaging design with accurate strategic positioning and in line with consumer psychology can help companies stand out from many competing brands and make the company win a "reliable" reputation.


Product packaging

2. Packaging design has a marketing role in establishing brand awareness, that is, using packaging design to present brand information, establish brand identification, and enable consumers to know the brand name and brand attributes of the product, and then establish a brand image. In the framework of brand knowledge, product packaging is also regarded as one of the sources of brand image associations.


3. Understand that the brand image is mainly composed of the image of the manufacturer, the image of the user, the image of the product itself and the personality image of the brand itself. The packaging visual design must be able to convey the brand message including these four, and it can be regarded as a complete brand image.


4. In today's vast abundance of commodities, consumers pay attention to each product for a very short time, and they must seize the moment when consumers' eyes swipe from the shelves. Only packaging can comprehensively utilize elements such as color, shape, and material , and at the same time show the connotation and information of products, brands and other enterprises, and highlight the common interests of products and consumers.


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