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Co-extruded packaging encapsulates safety and deliciousness for standardized dishes

duhui 2022-01-19

About food packaging supplies:


Co-extruded packaging encapsulates safety and deliciousness for standardized dishes


"Under the new consumption and new market, the direction of the catering industry's survival and development is chain operation, and the basic premise of chain operation is standardization. Standardization requires the central kitchen or factory to pre-process dishes according to recipes and orders, and they can be prepared after simple heating and restoration in the store. Guo Haijun, an expert from China Plastics Processing Industry Association and general manager of Xiongan New Area Xuri Paper-Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd., said that with the rapid development of the times, chains, fast food, takeaways, group meals, shopping malls and restaurants all need standardized and pre-processed dishes. .

Food packaging

"The production of standardized dishes is inseparable from high-quality, suitable and safe packaging." As a well-known expert in the plastic packaging industry, Guo Haijun has a deep understanding of packaging in the catering industry. Dish packaging is introduced: "Pre-processed dishes packaging is not a simple random packaging, it is necessary to scientifically select and use the packaging according to the variety, temperature, storage method, and transportation conditions of the dishes to achieve twice the result with half the effort, otherwise food safety problems are prone to occur. "Guo Haijun said that the current standardized processing dishes are mostly meat and a variety of seasoning sauces, which have high fat, protein, and oil content, and require high-temperature processing, cryopreservation and cold-chain transportation, and high-temperature rapid reheating. The preferred plastic packaging for such dishes is the internationally advanced 7-layer co-extrusion high-barrier packaging, which can ensure the safety of catering packaging and corporate benefits.


Guo Haijun said that meat dishes are different from ordinary food, and have special requirements for flexible packaging: First, oxygen and moisture resistance. During the processing of meat products, due to the action of oxygen, fat oxidation and the proliferation of aerobic microorganisms are promoted, so it is extremely important to prevent the product from contacting with oxygen. If the moisture of the product leaks out of the packaging film, the flavor and quality of the dish will change. The second is impact resistance and puncture resistance. The dishes are collided and squeezed during the logistics process, and the meat product itself has a certain hardness, so the packaging material must have impact resistance. The third is high and low temperature resistance. In order to ensure food safety and flavor, prefabricated meat dishes are generally stored at around -18°C, and seasoning juices are kept at -4°C-0°C. Some dishes need to be heated at high temperature to become dishes, and the packaging materials should be able to maintain their strength, impact resistance and non-broken bags at a low temperature of -45°C and a high temperature of 120°C. Fourth, oil resistance. It is necessary to prevent the free fat from the product from penetrating to the outside of the package to ensure product quality.


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