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What kind of Food packaging supplies can be used

duhui 2021-12-08

About food packaging supplies:


What kind of Food packaging supplies can be used? Is the product good?


When choosing Food packaging supplies, I believe that many people may have some ideas in this regard. Nowadays, the existing Food packaging supplies are indeed quite good. We must understand the product classification in advance during the selection process. . What kind of product can be used?

Food packaging supplies

1. Moon cake plastic tray


The plastic tray of moon cakes contains a lot of plasticizer. The highest standard may exceed 800 times. However, when buying moon cakes, it is best to choose moon cakes with simple packaging. In this way, plastic trays will bring better results when they are used. The protective effect.


2. Stainless steel cutlery


The stainless steel cutlery in Food packaging supplies has many different metal compositions. If it is in contact with food for a long time, it may be particularly prone to rust. Moreover, stainless steel cutlery usually has the phenomenon of cutting corners or exceeding heavy metals.


3. PVC cling film


There are more plasticizers in PVC cling film. Among the categories restricted by the country, it is impossible to directly package all meat or all oil products. It is possible that many manufacturers use this method for food packaging. of. Therefore, when buying plastic wrap, you must pay attention to the fact that there are many yellowish, PVC material signs are hazardous, white products are qualified, but there will be a lot of food packaging experience in this area.


Which products are better for Food packaging supplies? In fact, the above products are more common in our lives, but these products do bring different packaging effects. If we want to carry out actual packaging, it is recommended that you do more analysis when choosing products, and choose suitable products according to packaging needs.


Where to find food packaging supplies?


New Angle pack is a leading company in China that focuses on food packaging supplies wholesale and product packaging customization. We solemnly promise to provide your products with excellent quality, reasonable prices and the highest cost performance.


Welcome to choose New Angle pack - a professional supplier focuses on food packaging supplies wholesale and product packaging customization.


For more product information about YouTube of food packaging supplies or product information, you can click on the relevant link below.




1.Rigid packaging for convence food


2.Flexible package material


3.MAP rigid packaging of jujube


4.Flexible package material

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