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What do you need to know about food packaging design

duhui 2021-09-17

About food packaging design:


Food packaging design needs to understand the requirements of food for protection. Nowadays, business is developing rapidly. A good food packaging can not only be presented perfectly with a single design drawing, but also must be considered in terms of materials, protection, and good food packaging equipment. It is also necessary to understand the protective requirements of food packaging design. Hope it can be helpful to everyone:


What do you need to know about food packaging design


The chemical composition, physical and chemical properties of different foods are different, so different foods have different requirements for the protection of food packaging. For example, the food packaging of tea should have high oxygen barrier properties (to prevent the effective ingredients from being oxidized), high moisture barrier properties (the tea leaves are moldy and deteriorated by damp), high light barrier properties (the chlorophyll in the tea leaves will change under the action of sunlight), and high barrier aroma (Tea's molecular aroma components are very easy to disperse and lose the tea taste. In addition, tea is also very easy to absorb external odors), and a considerable part of the tea currently on the market is packaged in ordinary PE, PP and other transparent plastic bags, which greatly wastes the effectiveness of the tea. The ingredients, the quality of the tea cannot be guaranteed.


Contrary to the above-mentioned foods, fruits, vegetables, etc. have respiration options after picking, that is, food packaging is required to have different permeability to different gases. For example, roasted coffee beans slowly release carbon dioxide after packaging, and cheese also produces carbon dioxide after packaging. Therefore, their food packaging should have high oxygen barrier and high carbon dioxide permeability. Raw meat, processed meat foods, beverages, snacks, baked foods, etc. also have very different protective requirements for food packaging. Therefore, food packaging and packaging should be designed scientifically according to the different nature and different protective requirements of the food itself.


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