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What are the hidden dangers of food packaging safety

duhui 2020-10-15

  What are the hidden dangers of food packaging safety?


What are the hidden dangers of food packaging safety


  (1) Hidden dangers of packaging materials themselves


  At present, there are many food containers and packaging materials allowed in my country, and the potential safety hazards of different types of materials are also different. Plastic is one of the most widely used food packaging materials. Its hazards mainly come from the toxic monomers and lysates remaining in the products. Paper products are also a traditional food packaging material. The raw materials used to produce food packaging paper may be unclean, and there may be pollution problems such as heavy metals and pesticide residues, and even the use of recycled waste paper as raw materials causes chemical residues and microbial pollution. The rubber products often used as food packaging material liners may have the potential hazards of synthetic rubber monomers or processing aids. In addition, metal packaging materials may precipitate toxic metal ions, glass materials may dissolve silica, and ceramic packaging enamel may also dissolve metal oxides.


  (2) Pollution caused by packaging and printing


  Ink is an indispensable basic material for packaging and printing, and it is also one of the main sources of food contamination. Traditional packaging printing inks are mainly resin-based and solvent-based. Printing with these two types of inks contains harmful substances such as heavy metals, organic volatiles, and solvent residues.

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