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What should I do if there is no label on the food package I bought

duhui 2020-10-15

  What should I do if there is no label on the food package I bought?


  In our daily lives, we occasionally encounter "three no products" sold by small vendors or even shopping malls from unknown sources. Perhaps the biggest impact on us is the "three no foods". These food packages have no production date, no production date, There is no quality certificate and no manufacturer. What should consumers do when they buy such foods?


food packaging


  According to the provisions of Article 67 of the Food Safety Law, the packaging of pre-packaged food should have a label. The label should indicate the following:


  (1) Name, specification, net content, and production date;


  (2) A list of ingredients or ingredients;


  (3) The name, address, and contact information of the producer;


  (4) Shelf life;


  (5) Product standard code;


  (6) Storage conditions;


  (7) The general name of the food additive used in the national standard;


  (8) Production license number;


  (9) Other matters that should be indicated in laws, regulations or food safety standards.


  The label of the main and supplementary foods exclusively for infants and other specific populations shall also indicate the main nutrients and their contents.


  If the national food safety standards have other provisions on labeling items, those provisions shall prevail.


  The law of our country clearly stipulates that the purchased food pre-package must have a label, and clearly stipulates the content that should be included on the label. Food is directly related to human health. When we buy food, we mainly use the label of the food to determine the composition and safety of the food. Therefore, when we find that there is no label on the package of the food we purchased, we should require the operator to bear the corresponding legal responsibility.


  In addition, in accordance with the provisions of Article 148 of the Law, when producing food that does not meet food safety standards or operating foods that do not meet food safety standards, consumers can, in addition to claiming compensation for losses, also claim from the producers or operators. The person demanded to pay ten times the price or three times the loss; if the additional compensation amount is less than one thousand yuan, one thousand yuan. However, the labels and instructions of the food have defects that do not affect food safety and do not mislead consumers. Therefore, if consumers can prove that the lack of food labels affects food safety and misleads consumers, they can require producers or operators to bear the corresponding liability for compensation.

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