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What blind spots do consumers need to know about food packaging

duhui 2020-10-15

  What blind spots do consumers need to know about food packaging?


food packaging


  1. Milk-flavored beverages cannot replace dairy products


  The dietary guidelines for Chinese residents recommend eating a variety of dairy products, which is equivalent to 300 grams of liquid milk per day. Consumers are often attracted by various milk-flavored beverages, but milk-flavored beverages are not equal to dairy products. The main ingredient is water and contains additives, which cannot replace milk and other dairy products.


  Lactic acid bacteria beverages are just a kind of milk-containing beverages. Milk or dairy products are used as raw materials. The emulsion prepared by lactic acid bacteria fermentation is added with water, white sugar, sweeteners, sour agents, fruit juices, tea and other ingredients. Several brewed beverages. The essence of milk beverages is just a "drink", which is not the same as real dairy foods such as milk and yogurt.


  The national standard clearly stipulates that the protein content in pure milk needs to be ≥2.9%, while the protein content in milk beverages only needs to be ≥1%, and the nutrient content varies greatly; not to mention that lactic acid bacteria beverages contain more added sugars. Regular intake will increase the body's risk of dental caries, obesity, diabetes and other diseases.


  The "attractive" substance in lactic acid bacteria drinks-probiotics. The microorganisms in lactic acid bacteria beverages that can really promote human intestinal health (regulate immune response, etc.) are called probiotics. However, many merchants actually play a "side ball" in product promotion. The merchants usually claim that the products they sell contain "active lactic acid bacteria" and do not mention probiotics at all. This also means that the purchased lactic acid bacteria beverage contains only ordinary lactic acid bacteria, which is not related to probiotics.


  It is worth noting that lactic acid bacteria are not the same as probiotics. Its main function is to enhance the flavor of the drink, and it has no health care effect on the intestines and other body parts. When consumers buy dairy products, try to choose fresh milk or yogurt produced by well-known manufacturers.


  2. Don't eat more chocolates containing cocoa butter substitutes


  Chocolate is a common sweet food in people's daily life, mainly made from cocoa syrup and cocoa butter. Because chocolate is sweet and delicious, it can be made into various shapes and flavors, and it is deeply loved by the public. However, many chocolate foods on the market contain cocoa butter substitutes in their ingredient lists.


  As the main raw material of chocolate, cocoa butter is the natural fat in cocoa beans. It is a creamy yellow hard natural vegetable oil with a unique fragrance. It melts quickly in the mouth. This is where the silky taste of chocolate comes from. Adequate intake of "cocoa butter" in chocolate has certain benefits for the body's health. Relatively speaking, the higher the content of cocoa butter, the higher the nutritional value of chocolate. However, cocoa butter substitutes are not cocoa butter. With the development of the food industry, "cocoa butter substitutes" are oil products used to replace natural cocoa butter, mainly divided into cocoa butter substitutes and cocoa butter-like products.


  Many kinds of chocolate foods on the market are processed by the composition of "cocoa butter substitute", which can be seen from the list of ingredients. Although the physical properties of cocoa butter substitute are similar to cocoa butter, it is completely different from cocoa butter in composition. According to the different raw materials of cocoa butter substitute (non-tempering type stearin), it can be divided into lauric acid type stearin. And non-lauric stearin, and these two substances are actually hydrogenated vegetable oils. Hydrogenated vegetable oil contains more trans fatty acids, and the intake of trans fatty acids will increase the body's risk of chronic diseases such as myocardial infarction and coronary heart disease, posing a greater threat to health.


  For cocoa butter substitutes, relevant Chinese standards have strict restrictions on it. "Chocolate and Chocolate Products, Cocoa Butter Substitute Chocolate and Cocoa Butter Substitute Chocolate Products" clearly stipulates that products with a cocoa butter substitute content of more than 5% (calculated based on the original ingredients) should be named as cocoa butter substitute chocolate. When consumers choose chocolate, they must pay attention to the name and ingredient list on the food label. It is recommended not to choose "cocoa butter substitute chocolate". Too much intake will cause physical discomfort such as indigestion. There are many types of chocolates on the market, and consumers should pay attention to the cocoa butter content on the package when choosing, and do not buy chocolates with a content of less than 35%.

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