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What types of plastics are used for Medical packaging supplies

duhui 2021-12-08

About Medical packaging supplies:


What types of plastics are used for Medical packaging supplies?


There are many places where plastics are used for packaging in medical treatment. In fact, the types of plastics for medical packaging supplies are quite different. From the current situation, what are the different types of plastics for medical packaging supplies? ?

Medical packaging supplies

1. PVC plastic


PVC plastic has relatively high flexibility and is not easy to burn. During the combustion process, some gas may also be generated which will affect the environment. Therefore, this material is particularly easy to combine with a sealing machine or high-frequency edge sealing. During the production process, it can be processed as the main raw material for all production. At present, in the process of processing such a product material, it may be divided into many different types, which can be made into transparent color or a variety of different materials. The surface transparency is relatively high, and the gloss is also very good. , There are relatively few crystal points. The corrugated water path is relatively small and has strong uses. This product can be applied to all toy food or the outer packaging of medicine and other products.


2. Ps material characteristics


The hard piece of the product material has relatively low density and poor flexibility, and is particularly easy to burn, and some harmful gases may be generated during combustion. Therefore, this material can be used to produce a variety of different industrial blister trays. The product has developed in recent years and is known as the most excellent thermal product with a wide range of performance.


In the process of actual use of Medical packaging supplies, there are many different materials in plastics, and each product is very distinctive. The above product materials can be used by more people, and can be used in the research and development of many products.


Where to find Medical packaging supplies?


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