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The role of product packaging

duhui 2022-01-24

About Product packaging :


The role of product packaging


1.The role of product packaging is to protect the product from being damaged during shipping, as well as from being stolen by dishonest employees. Product packaging also provides salient information about the product that will help consumers decide if it is a good choice for them. In addition, package design can be used to create a sense of humor among consumers and increase brand loyalty. 

The role of product packaging

2. packaging influences not only how we see and interact with a product, but also how we perceive and use it. Packages that are more colorful and eye-catching tend to lead to higher sales than those that are plain or too flashy. Product perceptions can be changed simply by changing the color of the packaging.


3.Product packaging is a complicated and influential process with many facets. Consumers are often drawn to products by their fancy and clever packaging, and this holds true across all industries. From the outside in, the product packaging process includes designing and developing a package, then manufacturing and distributing it to its retail destination. The product packaging industry has grown exponentially in the past few decades, with an estimated $223 billion worth of goods shipped in 2016 alone.


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