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Product Packaging Techniques

duhui 2022-02-25

Product Packaging Techniques :


The packaging of products is one of the most important aspects for every company. Well-thought-out and planned packaging techniques can inhibit or enhance sales. It is financially burdensome to a company to change packaging regularly, while it also often causes product identification problems for the consumer. The packaging technique decisions you make now can affect your product and your business for quite some time.




Protecting the integrity of your product is an essential packaging technique. Proper packaging assures your products get to their location intact without any adulteration from their original form or purpose. Design product packaging with attention to sturdiness. Your products’ boxes, bags, jars and other containers need to be designed to withstand the distress experienced through shipping, in warehouses, onto store shelves and delivery to the consumer.




Besides durability, your product packaging should promote the product, as well as your company and brand name or logo. Design colors, fonts, artwork and styles to stand out and draw attention to your product. The first thing a consumer notices about your product is the package itself. Buyers also tend to recognize the company logo or brand on the package. Therefore, it is important to have similar designs and graphic elements on different products your company offers.


Product Packaging

Accessibility and Functionality


Making sure the consumer can access the product is an important to consider when designing a package. A consumer may think twice about buying a product that is over-packaged. For example, if he needs a pair of scissors, a buyer could pass up a pair encased in heavy plastic and instead favor a pair of scissors sheathed in lightweight cardboard. Package functionality is also important, such as how you separate an epoxy product that has to be mixed by the consumer before she applies it.


Environmental Considerations


As consumers become more and more environmentally conscious, many companies are incorporating green designs into packaging. This is also another area where you can communicate to the buyer your company’s priorities through your packaging techniques. For example, many businesses offer products in packaging that's made out of recycled materials. Designing packages out of biodegradable plastics or foams can enhance your business’s image with consumers and offer another motivation to buy your product instead of a similar item sold by the competition.


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