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Meat packaging material

Medical Packaging, Food packaging services - New Angle pack

meat packaging material
meat packaging material



New Angle Unifresh® 

vacuum skin packaging for meat 



Can you imagine a 3D presentation of meat? Here the vacuum skin packaging can make it. 

With heat and vacuum, the top transparent film covers around the meat surface seamlessly, just as the protection like a second skin. It’s also helpful to lock in food’s moisture, thus the freshness can be sustained. In short,it will help improve the visual appearance and flavor to many consumers.


It's a great alternative to a standard modified atmosphere. In addition, it can keep food flavor and freshness for a longer period. The film for the skin pack of made by a special formula under strict quality control, which makes the film of excellent gloss, excellent barrier property, and excellent puncture resistance.

Medical Packaging, Food packaging services - New Angle pack

New Angle pack is a service company specializing in packaging design such as Food packaging and Medical Packaging. Our extensive experience has helped numerous manufacturers promote sales with better packaging. If requiring packaging equipment, we also have a sister company Utienpack to be at your service. Welcome to email to understand related issues, thank you.

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