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Pre-formed tray with vacuum

Medical Packaging, Food packaging services - New Angle pack

Pre-formed tray with vacuum
Pre-formed tray with vacuum
Pre-formed tray with vacuum



New Angle the ready meal in the

pre-formed tray with MAP


It's hard to imagine a picture without ready meals in such fast-paced life. Poor package harms a meal, and bad meal affects our health in return. So it's crucial to choose a reliable packaging method, such as MAP.


MAP, abbr. Modified atmosphere packaging. It often applies materials like APET, EVOH, and PE.

With such packaging, the natural air in the package is replaced with fresh-keeping gases which is often a combination of carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and oxygen. The actual gas ratio depends on the food's properties.


The trays are strong to contain rich ingredients. In addition, the trays and film are of a high barrier to protect the food against bacteria and contamination. We also have tray options suitable for freezing and reheating in a microwave.


Medical Packaging, Food packaging services - New Angle pack

New Angle pack is a service company specializing in packaging design such as Food packaging and Medical Packaging. Our extensive experience has helped numerous manufacturers promote sales with better packaging. If requiring packaging equipment, we also have a sister company Utienpack to be at your service. Welcome to email to understand related issues, thank you.

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