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What is the status quo of nutrient label on food packaging

duhui 2021-06-18

  What is the status quo of nutrient label on food packaging?


  Studies have found at home and abroad, and some of the public does not understand nutrient information marked on the nutrient composition table on the back of the food. To this end, the World Health Organization recommends countries to further formulate and use the food packaging positive logo. Food packaging front logo seems to be a new concept, in fact, the simplification of nutrient composition table information, exhibits it in a simpler and easy-to-understand, more eye-catching form, such as presenting salt, sugar and fat in a graphic form and other information.


What is the status quo of nutrient label on food packaging


  At present, other countries, other countries have launched information, evaluation and hybrid positive logos on pre-packaged food packaging to help consumers' purchase options for pre-packaged foods. Studies have shown that the front logo of the food packaging can guide consumers to buy relatively healthy pre-packaged foods, improve their personal diet, and promote people's health. At the same time, the positive logo of the food packaging can also promote the formulation improvement of food production enterprises to make the product healthier.


  My country has also actively explored the positive logo for the introduction of food packaging. Such as the "Prepackaged Food" Health Choice "in 2017," Pre-Packaging Food "Health Choice" logo uses the specification (trial), ". International, different forms of food packaging positive logos are widely used, such as the "traffic star", Australian and New Zealand "Health Star Evaluation System" and "Black Warning Label", which are highly respected by Latin America.


  In order to further understand the public's cognition of nutrient labels and its preference to the positive label of food packaging, a public on the public's public tag in my country's six provinces / municipalities in China Exploratory research launched, surveyed 3002 18-70 years old consumers (hereinafter referred to as "consumers") and 2499 on primary and secondary school students and their parents. According to the survey, most of the parents and consumers believe that pre-packaged foods and frequently drinking products that are often eaten salt, sugar and fat content are important factors affecting health, but nearly 60% of interviews have said that they cannot be replaced There is a logo content of the nutrition label to determine if the food is healthy, thereby choosing. Food packaging front logo as a simpler, clear nutritional supplementary information, has received nearly 80% of responding objects and is expected to help them make health choices faster. Therefore, my country urgently needs to introduce the positive logo for the easy-to-understand food packaging to guide consumers, and choose more healthy pre-packaged foods directly.

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