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What are the requirements for flexible packaging materials

duhui 2021-08-12

  What are the requirements for flexible packaging materials?


  The flexible packaging material is a paper material treated with a high heat-sensitive coating.


  Flexible packaging, that is, the shape can be changed, is mainly composed of film, ink and adhesive, and their respective proportions can reach 70%, 20%, and 10%. Plastic flexible packaging has many advantages, such as light texture, convenient carrying, strong impact resistance, good barrier properties, easy printing, low cost, and can be used for microwave heating.


What are the requirements for flexible packaging materials


  Two major requirements for food flexible packaging materials:


  1. Maintain the original characteristics of the food


  Maintaining the color, aroma, and taste of food during the shelf life is the most basic function of food flexible packaging. 30% of the food on the market has lost its original color, aroma, taste and other characteristics before the expiry date. Consumers will have a serious impact on their health once they eat this kind of food without knowing it. On the one hand, some irresponsible food companies deliberately extended the shelf life of food when marking the commercialization of the radius and cycle of food sales; The role of protecting the characteristics of food.


What are the requirements for flexible packaging materials


  2. Reasonable use of additives


  In the process of producing flexible food packaging, illegal additives or excessive addition of legal additives cannot be added. Plastic film is the most widely used flexible packaging material. In order to enhance its processing and use performance, some additives are often added in the production process, such as plasticizers, color masterbatches, performance modifiers, etc. Relevant laws and regulations have clearly stipulated the types and amounts of additives allowed to be added to plastic films. Adding additives within the specified range is both legal and safe, and at the same time can improve the barrier properties and functionality of the plastic film.


What are the requirements for flexible packaging materials


  Product features of flexible packaging materials:


  1. The transparent laser holographic anti-counterfeiting label does not affect the packaging and printing effect and is easy for consumers to identify;


  2. The anti-counterfeiting force is strong, and the anti-counterfeiting level reaches a level;


  3. With shrinkage characteristics, the packaging is close to each other;


  4. High stiffness, good heat resistance, easy to use in packaging machine;


  5. Good slip performance, which can effectively prevent bad phenomena such as jamming and sticking, and it is also suitable for manual packaging;


  6. The coding is clear and firm.

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