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Trends in Food Packaging

duhui 2022-03-01

Trends in Food Packaging :


consumers have a growing appetite for food packaging that stands out and has a unique value proposition in a world that has become so monotone.


This year there is a wide range of trends that are dominating the market for brands to sink their teeth into.


Satisfy consumer appetites by investing in packaging — with a wow-factor.


Maintain your competitive advantage by aligning your food packaging with your brand values, pushing the envelope of innovation, and creating a truly memorable customer experience that adds a little excitement into your customers’ everyday lives.


Packaging is part of the first impression your customers have with your food product – make it a good one.


Sustainable Packaging


Increasing knowledge and awareness of the climate change issue has catalyzed the green movement around the world.


How brands choose to package their food products should be a high priority for supporting the green agenda despite the global pandemic.


Brands need to consider the types of packaging their food products are in and how to reduce their carbon footprint.


When working with a packaging supplier they should ask: how were these packaging materials sourced? Was the process sustainable?


Eco-conscious consumers want to support brands that align with their own values and are willing to pay a premium to do so.


Therefore, marketers must consider how they can use plastic-free packaging and biodegradable packaging options to attract their target customers, all while ensuring the packaging continues to be functional and ensure the customer experience is intact.


These eco-friendly food packaging options can include products packaged in cardboard catering boxes, cardboard food sleeves, and custom food service paper.


The push towards sustainability and zero waste may even see the introduction of edible food packaging in the future.


These edible packaging options may be made of rice paper, seaweed or even cornstarch.


Food packaging


Smart Packaging


In the age of smart devices – the intersection of technology and packaging is on the rise. 


“Smart packaging” gives consumers the opportunity to interact with their packaging beyond simply opening it to access their food. 


Technological elements on packaging such as QR codes, social media interaction, online games, etc. can excite consumers and improve their experience with your brand.


Especially in a time where it seems our only real interactions are through a phone or computer screen, the use of smart packaging is very appealing to the market right now.


These elements can be powerful tools for educating customers about your products through a simple click or scan on a smartphone.


Imagine allowing customers to simply scan the code on packaging that sends them to a landing page with more information about your food product.


Another use for smart packaging is helping brands track metrics such as Ph, temperature, etc. especially during a time where we need to be cautious of interacting with products in store.


This helps to ensure freshness, quality, and shelf life of food products without risking the spread of COVID-19.


For instance, sensors on food packaging can monitor quality with the label changing colors depending on if the food is spoiled or fresh enough to consume.


Customer expectations for technology integration will continue to increase as technology continues to take over.


Brands will need to keep up with trends to maintain a competitive advantage and meet consumer demand.


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