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How to design Medical packaging supplies

duhui 2021-12-08

About Medical packaging supplies:


How to design Medical packaging supplies?


In the actual design process of Medical packaging supplies, there will be a variety of different design points. From the current situation, the public welfare design covers a variety of different design ranges, with geometric shapes and dimensional accuracy. There is also the design of the stretching ratio and the surface roughness, so all aspects of the problem should be considered when the actual design is carried out.

Medical packaging supplies

1. Geometric accuracy of medical packaging supplies


When processing Medical packaging supplies, because it is a secondary process of thermoforming, especially in terms of product processing and molding, it is necessary to consider some gaps or shrinkage deformation between the processing of the material and the mold. For particularly raised areas, the inner tube wall may look thinner, and the strength will be affected more or less during use, and the dimensional accuracy requirements cannot be particularly high.


2. Stretch ratio of medical packaging supplies


The stretch ratio of Medical packaging supplies is relatively high. The height or width of all products is basically proportional. In this case, it is the so-called stretch ratio. The stretch ratio will largely reflect each The degree of difficulty in forming a plastic. In the actual processing and production process of the product, the larger the stretching ratio, the more difficult it will be to basically shape it. Generally, the stretching ratio used is between 0.5 and 1.


3. Reinforcing ribs of medical packaging supplies


In order to ensure that the material of the medical device of the original plastic steel product can not be particularly thick, but also subject to the restriction of the stretch ratio, the bottom corner material may be thinner.


During the processing of Medical packaging supplies, how to effectively package the products? The above-mentioned product packaging points are all very important considerations.

Where to find Medical packaging supplies?


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