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Trends in Food Packaging

duhui 2022-03-01

Trends in Food Packaging :


Personalization on Packaging


Consumers are attracted to products that are personalized in various ways.


Personal touches such as names or messages on packaging can make your customers feel special and improve their experience with your brand. Customers thrive to make authentic connections with brands.


So, what better way to do that than addressing your customers personally.


High-profile food and beverage brands have tried personalized packaging and have found success.


Especially in the middle of a pandemic that limits our personal interactions, customers feel drawn to communication, even if it’s through your packaging.


This growing trend is becoming an industry-standard as consumers desire more customizations and interactions with brands.


When Coca-Cola introduced their “Share a Coke” campaign, it created buzz and boosted sales.


Customers could personalize their coke bottles by adding the name of the person they would share a coke with.


The packaging spoke to a consumer with that specific name, providing them with a truly personalized experience.


Research shows that personalization in marketing can boost revenue by up to 15%.


Beyond standard branding on your packaging such as colors, typography, and other branding elements, customers will be looking for more in saturated industries.


Consumers want to connect with the brands they purchase products from on a deeper level.


Brand storytelling is becoming more vital to draw consumers in and drive brand loyalty.


Packaging that is able to evoke emotions and positive sentiment from consumers will be appealing and tend to get more recognition depending on your industry.


Food Packaging

Consumers are particularly attracted to food product packaging that reflects their lifestyle and dietary choices.


Customize your food packaging design to tell a unique story that matches the values of your targeted customers.


This gives you the opportunity to share your brand’s vision and philosophy when a customer interacts with your product and gives them a chance to align themselves with your products.


This is especially important if your food product is sold on e-commerce where your customers cannot experience the packaging in-person before buying.


A strong brand story can provide an interactive experience for your customers without them having to touch or feel the packaging.


Determining ways to communicate the brand story on your packaging will be an important part of attracting customers whether you sell your food product offline or online.


Transparent Packaging


As consumers become concerned with the ingredients being used in food products and the process by which they’re made, the desire for more transparency from companies has increased.


This means allowing customers to eat with their eyes by seeing the food they are purchasing as well as informing your customers of ingredients and benefits.


Revealing what’s inside the packaging allows your brand to lead with honesty.


Misleading customers or misrepresenting your product with food images on the packaging can harm your relationship with those who purchase your product.


Remove the guesswork for customers by showing them exactly what they will receive with transparent and forthcoming information that communicates your product’s value versus opaque packaging.


Labeling is another facet of transparent packaging that consumers are drawn to.


Consumers often feel the need to read the fine print to ensure companies aren’t hiding information such as harmful ingredients.


Instead, opt for clear and concise labeling to build more trust between your brand and consumers.


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